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Questions and considerations When Requesting an onsite quote

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For when you are saying/asking the following:

  • Our fence is falling over, time for a new fence
  • Fence repair or do we need a new fence?
  • What are our fence options for our new fence?
  • How much does a long lasting fence design cost?
  • We need a fence to reduce street noise
  • We want a deck for outdoor living
  • What are the decking options and costs?
  • We want screening for a backyard makeover
  • We want privacy fence screening
Options to consider:

  • I just want an idea of cost for a new paling fence
  • I wonder the cost for a paling fence replacement?
  • How much it will cost for fence removal?
  • How much does a long lasting fence design cost?
  • How much more will a taller new paling fence cost?
  • What are the prices of the paling fencing options?
  • Thicker paling fencing posts/standard fence posts?
  • Cost of using screws for fence rails and plinths?
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